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Like A Swallow

Migrating birds through uncertain times.

2023-Nov-08  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Linuxonification v5.17

Linux kernel v5.17 - sonified

2022-Apr-12  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Pulse 110.092

Funky heartbeats

2021-Nov-21  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Yellow Brick Blues

How I arrived at the train station in Cambridge, 13 years ago.

2021-Jun-11  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>


That old standard, with a video. Also a tribute to the Rushing Roulotte band.

2020-Nov-28  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Nosferatu live 2018-04-18

1922 silent film Nosferatu with new live music recorded at the CB2 Café basement.

2018-May-08  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>


A journey through the invisible.

2017-Nov-05  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

The Mad Doctor

Some live music to go with the 1933 Mickey Mouse cartoon "The Mad Doctor", recorded in Montreal on a public piano.

2017-Aug-20  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Wisborg Blues

It was not a night like any other in the little town of Wisborg. Taken from the 1922 film Nosferatu.

2017-Jul-16  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Romsey Town Square

An imaginary place at the end of the street...

2016-Dec-09  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Eighty Years

From Woody Guthrie to hip hop. Eighty years since the crash of Wall Street, the Dust Bowl and the rise of dictatorships. Where are we today?

2016-Jun-26  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Les yeux noirs

A Ukrainian song with new French lyrics and Olivier on the violin.

2016-May-31  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Nosferatu Act 1

Synthesizer keyboard music to go with this classic silent film (first act only so far, it takes time). Cover your neck!

2016-Apr-28  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>


Made using sounds recorded over a week in a hotel in Bangkok, room 3124.

2016-Mar-13  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Atheist Blues

The Atheist Blues is a defiant, upbeat and slightly silly track about laughing at the church...

2016-Jan-21  |  Matt Corrall  |   full article >>>

Des amis au bar

Some piano in the corner of the Alma pub in Cambridge an evening after a Songsmith session.

2016-Jan-18  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Marseillaise imaginaire

Take a moment to imagine if the French Marseillaise was only about peace among all humans...

2015-Dec-15  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Perfect Song

Made in the studio, shaped for the radio: it's simply a perfect song!

2015-Nov-08  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Lieber Ludwig

Lieber Ludwig: a Gypsy-Flamenco-Russian reply from Elise.

2015-Oct-10  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Le Réveil du papillon

The awakening of the butterfly, for acoustic guitar. To Bérengère and Alexis.

2015-Sep-05  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Bataille de neige

A piano piece to illustrate a historical snowball fight video in Paris, a few months after the liberation in 1944.

2015-Jul-26  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Last Frontier Blues

On board a train through the wilderness and life on Earth.

2015-Jul-16  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>> manifesto

If you're wondering what is all about, then this is all you need to read.

2015-Apr-10  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Bebop Molecule

15 seconds of swing under the microscope.

2015-Mar-08  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>


A long piece in two parts, in the ocean and out of the water where dreams slide and vanish in the sand. You can listen to the second part here and the whole piece in the full article.

2015-Jan-11  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Approaching Terminus

A reference to Isaac Asimov's Foundation science-fiction novels, entirely created using Splat and some field recordings.

2014-Nov-16  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Soir d'été

A little swingy piano piece about long summer evenings, and piano tuning.

2014-Oct-22  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Feather In Your Hair

A small song for my friend's 40th birthday.
To Jenny.

2014-Mar-28  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Dystopian Waltz

An explosive song about the music industry, with field recordings of trains, fireworks and thunderstorm.

2014-Feb-03  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

二人の明暗 (futari no meian)

The light and darkness of two people who meet. Although it's not traditional Japanese music, it is under its influence. There are no words but a Haiku (only in English for now).
Dedicated in memoriam to Suzy.

2013-Nov-30  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Madame le Soleil-Levant

New personal French translation of "The House of the Rising Sun" with a reggae twist. It's part of FMA's Revitalize Music Contest.

2013-May-12  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>


Splat is a generative audio programme written in Python. You can already listen to a piece created with it called "Dew Drop". Splat can be used to create many different kinds of sounds, noises and music of course.

2013-Mar-19  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Paper Clockworks

A distorted perception of time passing by for 2'13", trapped in paper clockworks. The mechanical randomness in the little notes is the characteristic thing about it.

2013-Mar-09  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Tragedy in Los Angeles

There are no angels in Los Angeles... This song had been sleeping in a drawer for many years before being finally recorded, now it has matured enough.

2013-Jan-21  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Happy New year

Happy New Year 2013! This is an Android application that plays a "Happy New Year" song with random notes on the vibraphone, and random harmony but still within the chords. You can press a few buttons.

2013-Jan-01  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Many Happy Returns

This song was originally written for the Free Music Archive's "New Happy Birthday Song" contest. The problem with the "Happy Birthday To You" song everybody knows is that everybody also has to pay $10,000 to the current copyright holders...

2012-Dec-16  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>

Pop Sweet Pop

Please do not get me wrong, this is not a pop song. It's rather a song about pop songs, or perhaps a post-pop song, or whatever. Of course you're allowed to laugh and have an ice cream while you're listening to it.

2012-Nov-18  |  Guillaume Tucker  |   full article >>>