This is the manifesto. It defines what is all about. Like everything else, it might change over time.

Creators, not curators is a place for original creations, not a collection of things that were found elsewhere. It is independent because its content comes directly and exclusively from the creators. It is autonomous because it does not depend on any external authority or service to be broadcast.

Creativity at all costs

The point of is to enable complete artistic and creative freedom. One of the implications of this is to not make any monetary profit with any of the content provided here in order to avoid commercial bias.

Music and visual art is a place primarily for musical content. However, each musical piece can and probably should be illustrated with a picture, a video or a text - or reversedly, any of these can be illustrated with some music. Text articles related to the activities and content can also be found; the manifesto is one of them.

All music is unique does not associate itself with any musical genre in particular. In fact, the term genre is often abused and transformed into commercial branding so the very usage of the word genre is discouraged. Innovation is encouraged instead.

Sharing the recipe

As much as possible, each creation on should be accompanied with the elements that were used to put it together in order to fully enable derivative works. This includes things like music scores, source code, sound recordings, pictures...

Permissive licenses

All content on can be downloaded, played, copied and shared freely. Terms are defined in detail for each piece using standard permissive licenses as explained on the Liberty page. This principle works both ways: derivatives of existing works available under such licenses or in the public domain can also be found on