This is REALLY NOT a pop song. I first thought of making such a song while I was buying some cheese in a shop (that's right). There was some lousy music on, which didn't sound quite like Pop Sweet Pop but the concept was there: something not musically involved with simple lyrics.

Then I must confess I listened a bit to the Velvet Underground to get a glimpse of what *pop* really sounded like at the peak of its golden age. So I came up with that guitar soup, natural double-tracking spiced up with light tube distortion, punctuated with grains of vibes and a bit of creamy bass for consistency. I ate all the cheese and later on Matt came up with some flashy ice cream.

Of course one day we'll die and be turned into dust... There's no way you can just listen to pop songs all your life. Well, I mean you can but I wouldn't recommend it. Bon appétit!

P.S.: A friend of mine has set this song as his morning alarm ringtone. He's an architect in Paris but don't blame me if when you go there you see buildings like this.