You may have noticed that each piece of audio and video material on comes in several formats. Why is that? Basically, it allows them be played everywhere as different systems support different formats. It's also to provide patent-free alternatives to the MPEG standards.

In doubt, you can download all the files formats for each entry on at once in a ZIP archive. If you want minimal downloads to save time and data then you can also choose a particular format that works for you.

Media players

There are several popular open-source software media players which support all common formats such as MPV and VLC. Both can be used with all major operating systems. Web browsers can also typically play most formats, so you should equally be able to play the content directly without downloading any files.

Audio formats

The 3 main audio formats used on are:

Video formats

Likewise, several video formats are used for different reasons. This is in reality more complicated than audio, but here's a summary of what you'll find on