Dear Ludwig,

It took me such a long time to reply that you had probably lost all hope of receiving any news from me ever again. First and foremost, thank you so much for your wonderful letter which gave me the desire to travel the world for no reason but to discover it. From Spain to Russia, I met many musicians and learnt many things while listening to this universal language that is so dear to them; no doubt you'll understand. Music has the power to remove boundaries, unite peoples and create new ones before anybody notices anything. Indeed, I would be quite surprised if I could teach you anything on the subject of this ethereal art which gets infused into our spirits before erupting out of our bodies.

From the depths of Andalusia, filled with history brushed by African winds, I delved into cultural layers to capture the essence that emanates from the origins of our civilisation. Carried away by the burning rhythm of Flamenco, I feared I would never stop this fire that gets hold of any creature who dares to approach it. Tumbled in Gypsy caravans, I then went for a long journey on the continent across majestic mountains covered by forests that withhold so many mysteries... In each and every place we were welcomed with melodies that would give us glimpses into their tortuous history, perpetuated by so many musicians with improvised instruments shaped by their fate in the course of time. My wandering finally brought me to these distant lands beyond the Black Sea. And here I stay.

With love,

Many thanks to Elisabeth for the German translation. Vielen Dank Elise!