Migrating birds, looking for some warmer weather ahead of the coming Winter. We're all living through uncertain times, aren't we? Geopolitics and the overall climate is changing rapidly. The carpet is being pulled under our very feet. There's no place like home, if you can find where the hell that is.

It seems like all the things that came out of Pandora's mythological jar (which wasn't a box) have come back upon us. And last but not least, let's not forget the only one that happened to stay inside that jar, namely Elpis or hope, which is somehow equally present in our everyday lives. Quoting Stephen Fry's amazing book Mythos:

Nietzsche looked at it in yet another, slightly different way. For him hope was the most pernicious of all the creatures in the jar because hope prolongs the agony of man's existence. Zeus had included it in the jar because he wanted it to escape and torment mankind every day with the false promise of something good to come. [...] Hopefully, or hopelessly, we can decide for ourselves”.

And what about the music?

Pentatonic scales over a patchwork of chords, the same pattern cuts through all the ups and downs. There's no escape. One world, one planet, one sun, one sky, one love. Most probably this amounts to some kind of singularity or what might call a pole on a constructed sphere. What comes next, only time will tell if we're ever lucky enough to have Kronos on our side - and by Zeus, he's not exactly a nice fellow.

Thankfully, we do still have music.

All the parts were recorded without making much noise, to spare the neighbours: the electric double bass and electric guitar are plugged in directly with no amp, the Spanish guitar is played gently during the day, the snare drum is played softly with fingers on a textured skin, the trumpet is muted and the voice is merely more than a whisper.