This piece has a long story and carries some aspects of a biography. It started a Saturday morning in the Winter of 1999 when I woke up and wrote the lyrics, probably still quite close to a dream. Then I learnt the basics of harmony and gradually came up with the instrumental part, and thought they were quite good at complementing each other. I also made a basic version of the chords sequence that goes with the lyrics for the "song" part. Obviously many more things happened in the last fifteen years, including learning the violin, the piano, more composition techniques and a bit of double bass among other things. It now seems like the dream has finally come true. It starts with the sound of the Ocean in San Sebastian - Donostia, Playa de la Zurriola, at about 7 in the morning while there's nothing but a roaring ocean in the dark and only a few feet away. This is where the picture was taken.

You'll excuse my French, but I can't be bothered to translate it into English. I'm not entirely sure what it really means anyway, it's always difficult to remember dreams and especially to try to make any sense out of them. It makes the music more interesting as it always gives me something to think or dream about. I hope it does this to you as well, and that you spend some time to think about your own dreams too.